As an all-volunteer organization, SHARe offers many ways to get involved, whether by working directly with our guests, organizing events, or working “behind-the-scenes”. Whatever your interests, skills, or time constraints, there is likely a niche for you!


If you have extra space in your home, you may want to consider hosting an individual or family of asylum seekers. The hosts provide safe housing, including kitchen access. SHARe provides the guests a budgeted amount for expenses as well as a support team as described above.

Support Team

You may want to join a support team for a family of asylum-seekers or refugees. Support teams work closely with the family to support their integration into the Upper Valley and their path to asylum. Being on a support team requires sensitivity and flexibility. Much of the work of the support teams is likely to take place during daytime hours.


SHARe also depends on volunteers for all other aspects of our work:  Event organizing, education, publicity, locating resources, providing technical support, writing or editing, fundraising, becoming part of our core organizing team, or just being available from time to time for small tasks.

Occasional Support

If you would like to interact with our guests on an occasional basis, we maintain a longer list of volunteers that are called upon to provide, for example, transportation or a meal.

If you would like to explore volunteer opportunities with SHARe, please indicate your interest through the following form and we will be in touch.

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